Saturday, October 31, 2015

In support of the 2015 President's Project:  Milkweed for Monarchs, members of the Park Ridge Illinois Garden Club assemble before our regular meeting to make "Milkweed Seed Balls" out of clay and dirt.

Seeds are rolled into clay

Seeds are covered with clay

Clay is covered with dirt

Completed seed balls ready for distribution

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

24th Annual Residential Beautification Contest - July 3 2015 Deadline

24th Annual Residential Beautification Contest - July 3 2015 Deadline

Would you like to win $100? The Park Ridge Garden Club and the City of Park Ridge are sponsoring a Beautification Awards Contest. Five $100 prizes will be awarded to the winners by the Garden Club. Judging is done on the street view only. The contest is open to all Park Ridge residents who have not previously won.  Entry forms will be available at City Hall, the library and on our website,  Deadline for entering is July 3, 2015.  Beautify our town and try for the cash prizes.  More details on the entry form below:

24rd Annual Park Ridge Garden Club

The City of Park Ridge and the Park Ridge Garden Club are co-sponsoring a Beautification Awards Program for all residents in the City of Park Ridge.  The Awards Program gives special recognition to those residents who have made their homes and landscaping the most attractive in our City. 

Five winners will each receive $100 from the Garden Club, lawn signs from the City, and gift certificates from the Chamber of Commerce valid at local businesses.  Previous winners are not eligible.

Judging is done on the street view portion of the property only by landscape design consultants from the Garden Clubs of Illinois.  The following standards for evaluating landscape design will be used:

  • Year-round overall appearance - paved areas, condition of buildings, perennial plant material.
  • Design - color, layout, originality, beauty, special feature.
  • Lawn condition - maintenance, quality of turf.
  • Trees, shrubs - condition of plant material, proportion and scale of plant material to structures.
  • Flowers and other plantings - variety, color, condition.

Application deadline is July 3, with photos being taken the week of July 13.

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I wish to enter my property in the 2015 Park Ridge Residential Beautification Awards Program.  I understand that the street side portion (view) of my property will be judged by a non-biased committee.  Further, I understand that my property will be photographed and used in the judging.  I also grant permission to have the photograph of my property published in the newspaper or publicly displayed if I am selected as a finalist.

Previous winners are not eligible to win in 2015.

please print


TELEPHONE (HOME)                                     (WORK)                                


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Mail or bring entry to:         CITY OF PARK RIDGE
                                    PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT   
                                    505 BUTLER PLACE

                                    PARK RIDGE, IL  60068-4182                                   

Monday, March 23, 2015

2015 District IX and GCI Awards

GCI President Carol Yee, 2nd VP Victoria O'Donnell, Awards Inge Serpe, District IX Director Julie Hansen

Annual Plant Sale - May 16, 2015 at Hodges Park

Dr. Alfred Roseroot: Local Flower Enthusiast & Photographer.

Who would think that a local dentist would be such a creative photographer?

When asked why do you like doing this? Dr. Alfred Roseroot, of Roseroot Dental, said,

“My appreciation of nature’s beauty has always been a focus in my life.  The fragrances and vibrant color presentations of both flowers and plants evoke powerful emotions from me and leave me awestruck by nature’s paintbrush.  I can only humbly attempt to capture their beauty in my pictures.”

“I am so please to have the opportunity to share my photography with the Park Ridge Garden Club.  Here are a three pictures for you to enjoy today, and as time goes on I will be sharing more with you.”

We thank Dr. Roseroot for sharing with us his beautiful photography.  Roseroot Dental is at 1455 E. Golf Road in Des Plaines (Golf & River Roads).  Dr. Roseroot is known for his cosmetic dentistry.  When I asked him why he wanted to be a dentist he said,
“I guess I wanted a profession where I could both help people to stay healthy and also change their lives.”

“Change lives?”

“Yes my work allows me to create the most esthetic, functional, and durable restorations than can literally change lives.”

Interviewed March 12, 2015.

By: Inge Serpe, Board Member

Sunday, February 15, 2015

How to Create Distressed Garden Pots

How to Create Distressed Garden Pots - Lynne Crowley and Inge Serpe   2.12/2015



New* Clay Pots
Used 8 inch and 10 inch pots so the design can be larger.  *If used pots are used clean outside and dry thoroughly.   Highly recommend clean pots.
8 oz.                
Craftsmart White Acrylic Paint
Quick Dry – 15-20 minutes
2 oz.
Craftsmart Acrylic Paint – Fast Drying
Used:   Terra Cotta, Black, Sage Green, Robins Egg Blue, Yellow
8 oz.
White Mod Podge Matte waterbase sealer
Quick Dry – 15-20 minutes
11 oz. spray can
Design Master Pottery Sealer
To apply matte finish on outside of pot once finished in order to preserve the design and colors
1”, 2” 3” brushes
Foam or Bristle
To apply colors

To cover work surface
6 – 8 oz.
Spray Bottle
Filled with water
Various Graphics (Source: Graphics Fairy website)
Ink Jet Printed or Photocopied
Print on non-glossy paper so paper can be easily “rolled” off after applying design.
Rough or medium
Can use sandpaper or a small green sanding blocks
Paper Towels
To remove excess paper from design and for general clean up
Latex Gloves
Note:  all materials are water based and can be easily cleaned with soap and water

  • Remove price stickers from terra cotta pot (1) and lightly sand to remove any residue.
  • With White Paint (2) rough paint outside of the pot, leaving some terra cotta showing.  Can use the bristle brush to leave “brush strokes”.
  • Let base coat of White dry for 15-20 minutes.  You can leave the upper rim of the pot unpainted or paint later with a contrasting color if you like.
  • Use either foam or bristle brush to cover white base coat with (3) color of your choice, leaving rough spots and allowing white to show through.   If the top rim was left unpainted, choose a contrasting color if you like.
  • While paint is still damp (5 minutes) start sanding off some of the color so the colors blend.    If desired, “edges” of top rim can be sanded to look “weathered”.
  • Take photocopy/printed image and make sure it will be the size you want on the pot.  
  • Cut out design to reduce “white space/paper”, leaving only design if possible (for better placement).
  • Take a smaller foam brush and carefully paint the design only with the Mod Podge white (4) (it looks like thin Elmer’s glue),   Paint only over the design (10) itself, leaving blank spaces untouched.
  • Apply the design to the pot.   Let design dry for 20 minutes.
  • Liberally spray water on the design and using your fingers carefully “rub off” the paper, leaving the black design. 
  • Use paper towel to carefully “dust off” the pot for excess paper and sanding dust.
  • If you are satisfied with the “look”, preserve the design by spraying the outside of the pot with the Pottery Sealer (5).  If desired, re-spray after 2 hours or up to 24 hours afterwards

SOURCES:  Craft Supplies:   Michaels, JoAnne Fabrics, Hobby Lobby

Designs:   Note:   you will have to download and resize images yourself if want other designs

Monday, January 19, 2015

New Website is Done!

Finally our new website is up and running! It did take a little longer to complete than we had originally planned. Kudos go out to our website committee.