Sunday, February 15, 2015

How to Create Distressed Garden Pots

How to Create Distressed Garden Pots - Lynne Crowley and Inge Serpe   2.12/2015



New* Clay Pots
Used 8 inch and 10 inch pots so the design can be larger.  *If used pots are used clean outside and dry thoroughly.   Highly recommend clean pots.
8 oz.                
Craftsmart White Acrylic Paint
Quick Dry – 15-20 minutes
2 oz.
Craftsmart Acrylic Paint – Fast Drying
Used:   Terra Cotta, Black, Sage Green, Robins Egg Blue, Yellow
8 oz.
White Mod Podge Matte waterbase sealer
Quick Dry – 15-20 minutes
11 oz. spray can
Design Master Pottery Sealer
To apply matte finish on outside of pot once finished in order to preserve the design and colors
1”, 2” 3” brushes
Foam or Bristle
To apply colors

To cover work surface
6 – 8 oz.
Spray Bottle
Filled with water
Various Graphics (Source: Graphics Fairy website)
Ink Jet Printed or Photocopied
Print on non-glossy paper so paper can be easily “rolled” off after applying design.
Rough or medium
Can use sandpaper or a small green sanding blocks
Paper Towels
To remove excess paper from design and for general clean up
Latex Gloves
Note:  all materials are water based and can be easily cleaned with soap and water

  • Remove price stickers from terra cotta pot (1) and lightly sand to remove any residue.
  • With White Paint (2) rough paint outside of the pot, leaving some terra cotta showing.  Can use the bristle brush to leave “brush strokes”.
  • Let base coat of White dry for 15-20 minutes.  You can leave the upper rim of the pot unpainted or paint later with a contrasting color if you like.
  • Use either foam or bristle brush to cover white base coat with (3) color of your choice, leaving rough spots and allowing white to show through.   If the top rim was left unpainted, choose a contrasting color if you like.
  • While paint is still damp (5 minutes) start sanding off some of the color so the colors blend.    If desired, “edges” of top rim can be sanded to look “weathered”.
  • Take photocopy/printed image and make sure it will be the size you want on the pot.  
  • Cut out design to reduce “white space/paper”, leaving only design if possible (for better placement).
  • Take a smaller foam brush and carefully paint the design only with the Mod Podge white (4) (it looks like thin Elmer’s glue),   Paint only over the design (10) itself, leaving blank spaces untouched.
  • Apply the design to the pot.   Let design dry for 20 minutes.
  • Liberally spray water on the design and using your fingers carefully “rub off” the paper, leaving the black design. 
  • Use paper towel to carefully “dust off” the pot for excess paper and sanding dust.
  • If you are satisfied with the “look”, preserve the design by spraying the outside of the pot with the Pottery Sealer (5).  If desired, re-spray after 2 hours or up to 24 hours afterwards

SOURCES:  Craft Supplies:   Michaels, JoAnne Fabrics, Hobby Lobby

Designs:   Note:   you will have to download and resize images yourself if want other designs