Monday, March 23, 2015

2015 District IX and GCI Awards

GCI President Carol Yee, 2nd VP Victoria O'Donnell, Awards Inge Serpe, District IX Director Julie Hansen

Annual Plant Sale - May 16, 2015 at Hodges Park

Dr. Alfred Roseroot: Local Flower Enthusiast & Photographer.

Who would think that a local dentist would be such a creative photographer?

When asked why do you like doing this? Dr. Alfred Roseroot, of Roseroot Dental, said,

“My appreciation of nature’s beauty has always been a focus in my life.  The fragrances and vibrant color presentations of both flowers and plants evoke powerful emotions from me and leave me awestruck by nature’s paintbrush.  I can only humbly attempt to capture their beauty in my pictures.”

“I am so please to have the opportunity to share my photography with the Park Ridge Garden Club.  Here are a three pictures for you to enjoy today, and as time goes on I will be sharing more with you.”

We thank Dr. Roseroot for sharing with us his beautiful photography.  Roseroot Dental is at 1455 E. Golf Road in Des Plaines (Golf & River Roads).  Dr. Roseroot is known for his cosmetic dentistry.  When I asked him why he wanted to be a dentist he said,
“I guess I wanted a profession where I could both help people to stay healthy and also change their lives.”

“Change lives?”

“Yes my work allows me to create the most esthetic, functional, and durable restorations than can literally change lives.”

Interviewed March 12, 2015.

By: Inge Serpe, Board Member